Donnie Barren, whose "Can't You See The World Through My Eyes" was used in Season 2 of the Netflix hit show "GLOW," played lead guitar for the LA rock band "City Lights" in the late 1970's/early 1980's, writing songs for the group's single and EP. Donnie ventured out on his own and released the single "I Love My Cat's Meow/Falling In Love" in March 1983, acting as musician/writer/producer/promo-man.

Cat's Meow entered KROQ's "Rodney on the Roq's" Top 10 in April, 1983, and then spent the next two months at #1 (May/June). At the time, KROQ (FM 106.7) was the #1 AOR station in LA and was regarded as the new music trend-setter across the US. We re-released these songs in 2005 (along with nine other tracks recorded in 1983) so people could hear Donnie's early music. 

Lately, he has been recording/playing lead guitar with various Seattle groups, and released an original collection of rock instrumentals using his full name (Donnie Barren Holtzinger) on a CD titled "Freedom"(2014). 



Thanks for listening to these songs. They were fun to create, as writing instrumentals gave me a chance to spread my wings and jam a bit. Many thanks to my wife and kids (Becky, Meg and Clay) for letting me indulge in my passion; and to my mom, dad, brothers and friends for their support and encouragement through the years.

Some people have asked: "Donnie who?" When I was younger, I thought my last name was too long for a musician, so I opted to use my middle name. Now, many years the wiser, I've decided to release these tracks using my real last name. So, for those people that knew Donnie Barren (or "dB" for short), I'd like to introduce you to Don Holtzinger.

I wrote, performed and recorded these songs at Parkside Studios in Seattle, Washington, and published them through BMI. The the flute on "Family" was played by Meg Holtzinger, and the handclaps on "Freedom" were performed by several people, including Becky, Meg, Clay, Sylvia, Nathan, Miles, Will, Bob, Mary, Nate, Claire, Abby, Rachael, Anna, Julia, & Fendi. I hope you enjoy the tracks.

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